Gaze de Lin Spring 2016 – Seoul Fashion Week

Although the Gaze de Lin Spring 2016 collection is minimalist in appearance, its unity in theme makes it one of the more successful collections at Seoul Fashion Week.  Designer Jang So Young’s rainy day-inspired collection is simplicity personified. Influenced by nature and the primal memory of light and dark, it employed fabrics as diverse as chiffon, linen, polyester and rayon.  The models on the catwalk were clothed in free-flowing gowns that could have come straight out of an ancient Greek vase.

The focus on such a limited color palette as black and white in far less experienced hands might have resulted in a bland mundane collection, but Jang’s 16-year experience in the fashion industry has taught her well how to successfully turn concept into reality. Her use of white chiffon when constructing her lightweight spring gowns offer the wearer ample room to breathe and move. Yet, she does well in not making the clothing appear baggy or a formless blob when worn. Also, the fabric’s see through quality gives an erotic hint, but doesn’t give away too much to make the wearer blush.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, each of Jang’s takes on the concept of the little black dress was equally inspiring. As evening wear, the black numbers in the collection do well to evoke a chic look without encumbering the wearer with a lot of busy accouterments.

Photos: Gaze de Lin Spring 2016 – Seoul Fashion Week
all photos by Rex Baylon / Meniscus Magazine

Video: Gaze de Lin Spring 2016 – Seoul Fashion Week
video by Rex Baylon / Meniscus Magazine