Lars Wallin Fall 2015 – Hong Kong Fashion Week

For Swedish fashion designer Lars Wallin, who has outfitted his country’s royal family and has enjoyed success across Scandinavia, the opportunity to expand into a market outside of home was too tempting to pass up.  More specifically, that vast region is Asia, and Wallin chose Hong Kong Fashion Week as the venue for his first-ever ready-to-wear women’s collection.

Wallin, who closed the four-label Audi Hong Kong Fashion Extravaganza on the first day of Fashion Week, described his aesthetic to Meniscus Magazine after the show as “not typically Swedish.”  In other words, minimalism often falls by the wayside.  This was the case for Fall 2015; despite its ready-to-wear tag, the collection gave way to drama and Wallin’s ever-present inspiration of old school French haute couture.

The result was a delightfully wicked fairy tale channeling Mary Poppins, gliding into the Tokyo neighborhood of Harajuku sans parasol but discovering an abundance of sequins along the way.  This was apparent from start to finish, as all that glittered was not only gold, but also silver and black, and often from head to toe.  Even a simple floor-length navy blue skirt was offset by a lingerie-inspired laced tank top, layered above a sparkling striped, short-sleeved translucent black shirt, while a cap-sleeved, knee-length dress in the same shade of blue was offset by black boots that extended above the knee.

In grand couture style, the collection concluded with a wedding gown, a shock to the naked eye both in its contrasting white color, and light cream and sky blue marble print – compared to the palette of its preceding cavalcade of outfits – and also because of an intimidating veil that encircled the entire body, becoming one with the gown itself.

Photos: Lars Wallin Fall 2015 – Hong Kong Fashion Week
all photos by Tom Platt for Meniscus Magazine


Video: Lars Wallin Fall 2015 – Hong Kong Fashion Week
video by Yuan-Kwan Chan / Meniscus Magazine