Nicholas K Fall 2014: Win-mer is coming

Protection from the elements is at best a sporadic preoccupation for Nicholas K. Sure, the design duo loves a chunky knit and a dusky palette, and their layering game puts Punky Brewster to shame. But seeing the profusion of exposed hips, chests and midriffs stalking down their runway, one wonders how nigh the day when global warming irreversibly fuses the seasons, leaving us all to dress like insomniac bunker-dwelling lab techs with an eye for rich fabrics and exquisite draping.

Prepare to slouch through the win-mer in heavy silks, iridescent denims, and double-faced infinity fur scarves accessorized with nautical cord. The textures are luscious and enveloping, beckoning you to wrap and roll yourself in or out of them as you fancy. Zippers, buttons and drawstrings show up whenever and wherever, and snoods and funnel necks appear to trap more wind than they repel – but look damn good doing it.

It’s a fetchingly nihilistic vision of a time when Mother Nature finally tosses her calendar once and for all. Better catch it – you may need to burn it to keep warm in your Nicholas K crop top.



Photos: Nicholas K Fall 2014 – New York Fashion Week
all photos by Ekaterina Golovinskaya / Meniscus Magazine

Additional pre-show backstage photos