Afriqan Apeiron, Onitsuka Tiger x Andrea Pompilio, Yasutoshi Ezumi – Fall 2014 Tokyo Fashion Week

Afriqan Apeiron: One can see why the designer wanted to market here, as the Japanese are not afraid to wear color and would probably love these prints. However, most of these clothes are simply not wearable, as some of the cuts and prints do not seem to have many suitable destinations. Perhaps one can pull these looks off at the beach (full on head to toe) or as separates for everyday wear.



Onitsuka Tiger x Andrea Pompilio: If one was able to catch what the models flying down runway at breakneck speed wore, he or she would have been able to find utilitarian looks for men and flouncy skirts for the women with bike shorts underneath. Black and white combinations and orange figured into outfits seemingly influenced by motorcycles, but were actually inspired by astronauts.

Yasutoshi Ezumi: Geometric prints, cuts and even the runway – all inspired by the Eames House in Los Angeles – were just about the only interesting elements in Ezumi’s Fall 2014 collection.  Bland colors and a plethora of plaid dominated the collection, but the latter along with asymmetrical cut outs on basic dress and trench coat shapes did not successfully evoke the Eames design.  Color block shift dresses and some cute plaid stockings were wearable.