MR. GENTLEMAN Fall 2014 – Tokyo Fashion Week

The Fall 2014 collection for MR. GENTLEMAN, a label run by Takeshi Osumi and Yuichi Yoshii, is an example of the plentiful well-made and inherently cool menswear prevalent in Japan. (Osumi is also the creative director of the popular men’s label Phenomenon.)  Investing in a standout coat or jacket from this particular collection will accelerate any man’s wish to look as stylish as the locals.

Many items seem to be designed for a climate harsher than a typical Tokyo winter. For example, a black pinstriped, down jumpsuit that cuts off at the knees – publicist Masato Yakushi of The Contemporary Fix, the multi-label shop owned by Yoshii that carries MR. GENTLEMAN, recommends that men wear leggings under this – and a heavy wool coat with down panels are what Yakushi refer to as “hybrid outerwear.” Materials are top notch (with prices to match, as a navy peacoat runs about US$650) and unique: a type of red and white tweedy block check material is exclusive to the brand, the camouflage houndstooth is an unexpected combination print, and the puffy quilted sweatshirts and pants are just a few examples of materials and cuts one would not find in American brands for men. One particular coat had a shiny down detail on the inside, corduroy panels on the sleeves and a houndstooth camouflage panel on the front.

The branding for the label, founded in 2012, is currently centralized and slowly being cultivated. For now, one cannot hop onto the Japanese online marketplace Zozotown and purchase a MR. GENTLEMAN item; he has to visit or order directly from The Contemporary Fix instead. Yakushi mentioned that the brand will eventually go abroad, but hinted there needs to be more growth before this can happen. Until then, sharp American men should take notice, hop on a plane to Japan and grab everything from MR. GENTLEMAN before flying back for the winter.


Photos: MR. GENTLEMAN Fall 2014 – Tokyo Fashion Week
all photos courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo


Video: MR. GENTLEMAN Fall 2014 – Tokyo Fashion Week
video by Megan Lee / Meniscus Magazine