araisara Fall 2014 – Tokyo Fashion Week

A custom-blended seasonal scent hit my nose as I walked into the araisara shop in the Tokyo neighborhood of Minami-Aoyama. I was pleased to remember this same scent blown through the air during the label’s Fall 2014 Tokyo Fashion Week runway show the previous week. Aromatherapy, as it turned out, complemented a collection with timeless, classically-shaped silhouettes and somber colors, but also beautiful details that made the clothing stand out as conversation pieces.

Like last season, Beijing-born designer Sara Arai turned to traditional craftsmanship for this collection. One Japanese technique, a trademark of Arai’s called “tokiori,” involves recycling, re-cutting and reviving vintage fabric, and was heavily featured in her first collection in 2009 which included 10,000 such pieces. A hand-painted patterning technique called “tenassen” – mixed with Chinese designs – was also prominent for Fall 2014, particularly in a series of red floral draped coats, printed jackets, bodysuits and dresses.


A versatile scarf/collar with conveniently placed pockets was paired with two pieces of outerwear, including a hand-painted and printed floral trench retailing at US$2,600. One can easily throw this blue collar over a jacket or coat and it will automatically jazz it up.




Photos: araisara Fall 2014 – Tokyo Fashion Week
all photos by Megan Lee / Meniscus Magazine

Video: araisara Fall 2014 – Tokyo Fashion Week
video by Megan Lee / Meniscus Magazine

official video by araisara