Custo Barcelona Spring 2014: All-purpose apparel

Throw pillow. Tablecloth. Feather duster. Tea cozy. ShamWow.

If you saw Custo Barcelona’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection in a pile instead of on the backs of models, what might you guess it was?

Because this is a label gleefully beyond the confines of good taste, such comparisons are of the highest praise. In their hands, the throw pillow becomes a pair of cropped trousers paired with a coordinating T-shirt. The feather duster is an aqua feathered miniskirt worn beneath a stovetop popcorn wrapper metallic biker jacket with blue brocade sleeves. The tablecloth does double-duty as a sarong and a minidress, and the ShamWow makes a serviceable pair of men’s slacks for a dampish spring day.

Is it possible we are witnessing the evolution of this brand? Custo Barcelona has always been about fun, about flinging on a blingy, zingy frock and partying till sunrise. This collection still makes that option entirely possible – only now, when you wake up on the floor at three in the afternoon, at least you can get some housework done simply by rolling over.

Photos: Custo Barcelona Spring 2014 – New York Fashion Week
all photos by Ekaterina Golovinskaya / Meniscus Magazine