Mara Hoffman Spring 2014: The joys of extreme color

Jubilant neon colors flooded wild prints and patterns in Mara Hoffman’s Spring/Summer 2014 show, which was filled with clothes that looked as if they had been bought as souvenirs during an acid-filled vacation in Mexico and beyond.

According to Hoffman’s show notes, the designer wanted to examine “color, light and happiness, [looking] at different cultures and cosmic spaces through a prism of color.”  Cross-cultural influences could be seen in the multicolored beaded serpents that wound themselves down and around a sheer dashiki, and an evil eye print that covered a sleeveless blazer and matching pair of pants.

Despite the physical and temporal distances between the references shown, Hoffman pulled them all together to create a collection of vacation-wear making us long for beaches and the sun.  A distinct sense of joy came down the runway with every outfit, from the brightly tie-dyed maillot worn with green suede gladiator heels to the sheer dashiki trimmed with ribbons arranged in the colors of the rainbow, and worn over a coral-colored bandeau and matching pants.  The only dull moment came when a plain white sleeveless jacket paired with solid cobalt blue pants appeared.  Thankfully, it was paired with a multicolored woven belt, giving the outfit the burst of energy it needed to keep up with the others in the collection.

Photos: Mara Hoffman Spring 2014 – New York Fashion Week
all photos by Semon Tam for Meniscus Magazine

Video: Mara Hoffman Spring 2014 – New York Fashion Week
video by Angela K. Hom / Meniscus Magazine