Koonhor Spring 2014: Opposites attract

The Koonhor Spring 2014 collection is reminiscent of the typical pretty girl, coy and unassuming, who has the potential to be absolutely stunning.  Park Chan-wook’s film “Stoker,” a coming-of-age story within a psychological thriller, inspired a 22-piece collection capturing the awkward stage in a girl’s life as she transitions into womanhood.

An ensemble from the Koonhor Spring 2014 collection. (photo courtesy of Koonhor)
An ensemble from the Koonhor Spring 2014 collection. (photo courtesy of Koonhor)

Milan-based Koonhor designers Koon Lim and Catrine Thé, originally from Singapore and Indonesia respectively, depicted the beauty of this awkwardness by using identical patterns in both feminine and masculine ensembles. Each ensemble has at least one other counterpart, revealing how easy it is to shift between various identities.  Rather than be discordant however, the various pieces evoke a sense of fluidity.  For example, when paired with a black long-sleeved silk blouse, a red padded foam skirt evokes a gentleness that contrasts with its edgy black zipper running up the front. However, when the same material is converted into an A-line skirt accompanied by a matching padded foam jacket, the outfit appears strident. Similarly, the sexiness of black leather becomes more modest when cut into a nearly knee-length, flared hem skirt. Complementing a belted leather jacket with wide sleeves, the outfit is almost boyish.

In other pieces, monochrome, almost knee-length fluted hem skirts and padded foam bomber jackets zipped up to the neckline are enchantingly simple, evocative of child-like innocence. Conversely, black leather halter tops and biker vests flirt with danger.  White A-line and fluted hem skirts match an array of white silk shirts, bustier halter tops and furry short-sleeved tops. In addition, asymmetrical contours and layering are apparent in pant suits and vest-dresses. A double-collar motif with a dash of black zigzag on a white blazer – or, inversely, a dash of white zigzag on a black blazer – exemplifies this.

Photos: Koonhor Spring 2014 Lookbook
all photos courtesy of Koonhor