Koonhor Spring 2015: Traditional + modern = art

A combination of avant-garde streetwear and artisanal craft, the Koonhor Spring 2015 collection would blend right in at a modern art museum on a sporty-chic day. Long, swaying unfinished tapestries were appliqued onto the fronts of sweatshirts and tunics, while loud woodcut carving prints and sketches by street art illustrator Drew Lytle emboldened already voluminous, and sometimes androgynous, cuts.

This is clearly not normcore, even if all the outfits were shown with basic white sneakers. The interplay of traditional with modern was most optimally displayed in outfits with multi-layered pieces. For example, a black sweatshirt – with a gold metallic tapestry woven diagonally across its front – was worn over a white cotton and mesh shirt with fringe swinging at its hem. These were both layered on top of a black calf-length stretch-viscose and mesh panel dress, avoiding frumpiness through its careful proportions. Spot-on accessories incorporated throughout the presentation included a spiral doodle printed leather pouch and brilliant metal chain-fringed drawstring bucket bags.

Photos: Koonhor Spring 2015 – New York Fashion Week
all photos by Angela K. Hom / Meniscus Magazine