Nicola Formichetti x Didier Dubot: Between edginess and elegance


A truly international inspiration, ranging from Parisian women to the Year of the Snake in the Chinese calendar, buoyed the Nicola Formichetti x Didier Dubot jewelry collaboration in New York. Such diversity could have easily turned the collection into a hodgepodge of works without a consistent voice, but it instead avoided such a pitfall by hitting a sweet spot between edginess and elegance.

At the event, metallic and gold jewelry pieces were frozen in place within large rectangular blocks of ice. Air bubbles within the ice blocks surrounded the jewelry pieces like pearls, adding a contrasting touch of sensual femininity to a collection that included safety pins and asymmetric designs. The pieces also repeatedly featured elegant gold curves (in Didier Dubot’s initials and in the flower petal designs) and delicate pearls and lavender blue over flashy stones, offering a sense of fragility and mystery, and leaving the viewer wanting more.

Photos: Nicola Formichetti x Didier Dubot jewelry collaboration launch
all photos by Shelly Xu / Meniscus Magazine