Façonnable Cruise 2014: Barely making waves

The Façonnable Cruise 2014 collections for men and women, inspired by the adventurous journeys in Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, are as classic as the venerable late 19th-century novel.  This, unfortunately, is not necessarily a good thing.

Although military and nautical details add some elements of interest to the predominantly navy and khaki green men’s collection, the cuts and styling were not particularly fresh.  The slim, preppy looks were pulled together and distinctly aimed at a certain type of male customer (you know who you are, especially if you own a Maserati), but they lacked true innovation.  Need we see another pinstriped suit or green safari jacket?  This is not ground-breaking fashion, but like a favorite book, there is some comfort in knowing exactly what to expect.

Thankfully, Façonnable has produced a much livelier women’s collection.  Rendered in bright yellow, orange and turquoise against stark white, it takes the Cruise spirit of wintering in a warm locale by the sea to heart.  A well-cut white cotton blazer stands out due to its neon yellow lapels, and a two-toned turquoise and teal cotton blazer looks ready to be worn in a resort town on a cool night.  There are work-appropriate dresses along with sportier ensembles, such as a hooded leather jacket with splashes of yellow details worn with a white t-shirt and yellow and green silk striped trousers.

Photo Gallery: Façonnable Cruise 2014
all photos courtesy of Façonnable