Façonnable Pre-Fall 2013: Basic casual classics

Faconnable - Pre-Fall 2013
An image from the Façonnable Pre-Fall 2013 lookbook. (photo courtesy of Façonnable)

Purveyor of preppy staples, Façonnable does not bring any surprises to the table with its men’s collection for Pre-Fall 2013.  The brand’s casual European male stopped by New England during his summer holiday and is still mixing his bright pants (this season in melon, lime green, indigo, fuschia and red) with his button downs (tucked in and with the top two buttons open, of course), thin-striped polo shirts and sport jackets.  Solid-colored fitted pullovers, popped collars, boat shoes and moccasins inevitably round out his wardrobe.  There is nothing challenging in the classic looks shown, which is perhaps refreshing for a gentleman of a certain age when all he wants is just a basic pair of pants to wear on his yacht.

Conversely, the Façonnable man’s female counterpart is more daring in her fashion choices.  While still embodying the sensibilities of the Ivy League, she may sometimes pair a classic boy’s blazer with a loose pair of green and white striped silk drawstring pajama trousers.  All the pieces look inspired by classic menswear, but rather than slim and tailored, shirts are worn loose and untucked.  Elbow patches were a feature, with one blue and grey rugby striped sweater featuring a pair of canary yellow patches that stood out in a fun way.  The emphasis is clearly on maintaining an elegant sporty comfort.

Photo Gallery: Façonnable – Pre-Fall 2013
all photos courtesy of Façonnable