Custo Barcelona Fall 2013: Beautiful beast

While most New Yorkers sulk their way through the doldrums of one winter, those of us inside the tents at Lincoln Center can’t wait for the next. That’s because, according to Custo Barcelona, we’ll all get to dress up like woolly mammoths at a barn dance.

Picture it: shaggy knits in dusky heathered blues, taupes and greys. Woolen dresses twinkling with jolts of sequins and metallic patches. Solid hemlines festooned with gold beads. Swarthy shoulders, mutton-leg sleeves. Bearish patchwork coats that crop mid-thigh above fitted separates and overalls. Slim trousers – or, for the risque mammoth, none at all – atop boots of thick boiled wool.

The label calls this collection “Beauty and the Beast,” citing as inspiration the harsh Nordic winters and the pluck it can take to survive them. But these days, with climate patterns growing ever more erratic, Nordics aren’t the only ones who need pluck to weather the seasons.

Who knows? Come next winter, when we’re all playing the beautiful beast in these outfits, there might well be some woolly mammoths thawed out from the melting glaciers and striding in our midst.

With only Custo Barcelona beads and sequins to tell us apart.

(Unless there’s a barn dance. Then we’re on our own.)

Photos: Custo Barcelona Fall 2013
all by Bibs Teh / Meniscus Magazine