Rochambeau Spring 2013: Creativity inspired by the afterlife


Rochambeau designers Laurence Chandler and Joshua Cooper cited “the dark folklore surrounding water throughout history” and “bodies of water [which] have always symbolized passage to the afterlife, departed spirits, and the mysteries of death” as inspirations for their Spring 2013 collection.  They certainly took these visuals to extremes.

In one of the most memorable menswear presentations at New York Fashion Week, models resembling pasty zombies stood amidst an eerie backdrop of sickly green lighting and a strange mist, accompanied by a long, dirge-like droning soundtrack.  The clothing, thankfully, was far less frightening, and comprised a tight, creative collection, featuring a notable black and white tribal print on a jumpsuit and various separates including a cardigan, shorts and tee.  Harem pants made a mysterious appearance, but with a presentation this unique, it almost made sense.  Accessories included dark sunglasses, black hats with wide flat brims (bringing to mind sinister scarecrows) and plate necklaces.  The collection as a whole  was a welcome deviation from the hipster uniform of slim-cut blazer and ankle-rolled pants as heavily purveyed by certain retailers of the moment.