Y-3 Spring 2013: Celebrating 10 years, led by Yohji himself

“My desire was and still is to make sportswear elegant and chic. With Y-3, we created something that did not exist before. After 10 years, we are falling in love with the three stripes once more.”

– Fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto on his latest collaboration with adidas on the Y-3 label.

Celebrity guests at the Y-3 10th anniversary show, held at St. John’s Center, included David Beckham, Lupe Fiasco, Michael Stipe of R.E.M., singer Natasha Bedingfield, and even Yamamoto, who typically spends New York Fashion Week preparing for the women’s ready-to-wear collections in Paris.  In a flashier presentation than usual, 3-D projections by artist Devan Harlan juxtaposed with colorful, eye-popping prints by the Japanese royal family’s imperial printmaker.

Photo Gallery: Y-3 Spring 2013
all photos by Ekaterina Golovinskaya / Meniscus Magazine


Videos: Y-3 Yohji Yamamoto for adidas Spring/Summer 2013 runway show and party

videos by Ekaterina Golovinskaya / Meniscus Magazine and Inga Vascenkova / Meniscus Magazine