e.y. wada Fall 2009 – New York Fashion Week

The collection of New York based duo e.y. wada (consisting of Eunyoung Song and Shuji Wada) began with great promise. Their designs married ’50s secretary aesthetic with wide, poofy shoulders and strong geometric motifs such as pentagonal pinwheels and trapezoidal bows.

Despite these bold ideas, the design duo decided to take the cuts and prints of the collection into subtler territory. The unfortunate end result was that felt muted and meek. The outfits felt subtle to the point of sedate. Splashes of artistic patterns in muted colors failed to provide enough contrast to enliven dresses and jackets.

Some outfits stood out. A gray secretary suit cleverly employed bows as jacket clasps. Slinky, slightly oversized satin dresses integrated bows into its designs to form pleats adding subtle contrast to stately royal blue and chartreuse satins. But overall, e.y. wada’s collection could have used more challenge and less modesty.

Photo Gallery: e.y. wada Fall 2009 – New York Fashion Week
all photos by Bibs Teh / Meniscus Magazine

Video: e.y. wada Fall 2009 – New York Fashion Week
video by Wade-Hahn Chan / Meniscus Magazine