Aqua di Lara Spring 2009 – Toronto Fashion Week

This season’s Aqua di Lara bathing suits love bosoms and hate butts. Nearly all the bikini tops sported a shiny gold medallion sitting between or swinging from breasts. Some tops also had additional straps anchored by jewels that felt more superfluous than stylish. Meanwhile, the poor derrières were enveloped in fabric, causing many of the models to look surprisingly pear-shaped. While catwalk swimsuit models are hardly javelins, the Aqua di Lara suits made them look stockier, shorter…and perhaps more human?

In fact, the swimsuits that looked the best either conservatively covered the body or revealed as much skin as possible. Belted bottoms added texture, and shiny red-orange and silver hues on the skimpier suits accentuated body lines. The dark-colored conservative outfits fit tightly around waists and loosely at the limbs, giving them a sexy coyness (with the notable exception of one belted black-sheet-over-the-head affair that looked straight from a ‘70s Italian swords-and-sandals flick).

Photo Gallery: Aqua di Lara Spring 2009 – Toronto Fashion Week
all photos by Kwai Chan / Meniscus Magazine