Afshin Feiz Spring 2009 – Toronto Fashion Week

Afshin Feiz has very little to prove. Having earned this year’s “Visionary Designer of the Year” award at London Fashion Week for his Spring/Summer 2009 collection in September, it seemed strange that he would come to the smaller-market showcase of Toronto.

But when he dashed out on stage to take a bow after his show, he gleefully opened his blazer to reveal a “Kiss Me, I’m Canadian” tee. As it turns out, the Brit-born, Parisian-based Iranian designer lived part of his life in British Columbia and still identifies with the country. So Feiz was more than happy to showcase his award-winning collection to a very appreciative Toronto crowd (who was unfortunately packed into a sardine can-sized secondary runway).

Despite the tiny venue — and the terrible lighting — Feiz’s designs shined. The collection gravitated around sparkly chains and tight, flowery ruffles; almost every outfit included some variation on those two motifs. Because of this, the collection’s femininity was tempered by a rock star edge. Some outfits had swaths of ruffles tied down by the chains. One skirt and jacket looked pleasantly chaotic, crisscrossed with the chains and ruffles. A standout was a pixie-like pink dress with translucent sleeves, its skirt covered in the ruffles and the chain decorating the neck and hanging down the open back.

Although the muted pastel colors felt a bit monochromatic after a while, Feiz’s collection was still impressive. Feiz kept his collection tightly focused; his clothes were consistently interesting, never falling into patterns. It will be interesting to see where the globally-oriented designer takes his creativity next.

Photo Gallery: Afshin Feiz Spring 2009 – Toronto Fashion Week
all photos by Kwai Chan / Meniscus Magazine