Betsey Johnson – New York Fashion Week Spring 2008 Review

Betsey Johnson’s delightful “Prom Queen” theme didn’t always stick to the age-appropriate script. An eensy-weensy, black-and-white, polka-dotted bikini? A front row of sparkling round tables topped with Champagne bottles? A quartet of shimmying girls who dropped their dresses to reveal cheeky lingerie, spelling the word “VOTE” in big, silver, capital letters draped across their backs?

Minor details and the designer’s trademark show-ending cartwheel aside, Johnson’s refreshing Spring 2008 collection was an homage to the days when prom was simply a fun, innocent party as opposed to the expensive, teen-starlet-copycat production that it is today. The show was segmented into different decades, starting from the 1950s, but had an overall tone of “Pretty in Pink” nostalgia, complete with male chaperones clad in matching tuxedos. Dresses flared out to there thanks to multiple mesh layers. Gowns were adorned with giant bows and multi-colored glitter, while most of the above-the-knee numbers featured bright prints, stripes and polka dots.

Photo Gallery

all photos by Bibs Teh / Meniscus Magazine