Tadashi Shoji Spring 2008 – New York Fashion Week Review

L.A. based designer Tadashi Shoji, in his second appearance at New York Fashion Week on Sept. 12, impressed with his latest show inspired by the colors and textures of the ocean.

This theme made for a quite aesthetically pleasing show, with such colors as Aegean blue, coral, oyster, and bamboo dominant throughout. Coolly elegant cocktail dresses and evening wear made extensive use of ruffles and folds that evoked the sea in every facet of their design.

This show left no doubt as to why Tadashi is the go-to designer for such celebrities as Tyra Banks and Halle Berry, as well as the Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants. Practically speaking, most of these dresses would perhaps be out of place anywhere else other than Hollywood red carpets and beauty competitions. Still, on this day, the overall effect was quite memorable.

Photo Gallery: Tadashi Shoji Spring 2008 – New York Fashion Week
all photos courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week