Interview with Cinney Zhang – 2006 Miss Chinese New York Beauty Pageant

Contestant #7: Cinney Zhang
Age: 18
Born: China
Resides: Edison, N.J.
Occupation: Student at Rutgers University

Meniscus: Why did you decide to enter the pageant?

Cinney: I wanted to gain a unique experience in my life.

Have you ever entered a pageant before or is this your first one?

This is my first one.

How familiar were you with the New York Chinese Pageant and Miss Chinese International before you entered?

Not much, but I read newspapers and magazines…yeah, I heard of them.

What are you studying at Rutgers?

Finance and statistics.

Did you come here just for school or did you move to the States after you were born in China?

I came here with my family.

You grew up in New Jersey?

Yeah, I came here when I was 13. So I went to high school here, then graduated. I was [ranked] No. 1 in my high school and I got a full scholarship to Rutgers. Besides the full scholarship, I was in the honors program so they gave me $2,000 extra for books and stuff.

That’s great – you basically are going to school for free.

Yes – totally free!