Interview with Wen Chen – 2006 Miss Chinese New York Pageant

Interview with Contestant #36: Wen Chen
Age: 20
Born: Guangzhou, China
Resides: Elmhurst, N.Y.
Occupation: Junior at Boston University

[After noticing that Wen was conscientiously studying an economics textbook] So, you’re very clearly a student. What is your major?

I’m double majoring in business management and economics.

Why did you decide to enter this pageant?

I was just very curious about what it was like, and my best friend was like, ‘If you do it, I’ll pay for half of your application fee.’

Half of that – wow. That’s quite an incentive.

I know.

And she did?

She did. And she bought me a cheesecake, which was delivered to my house today. She got it this morning.

I need friends like that. So how familiar were you with Miss New York Chinese and Miss Chinese International before you entered?

Not really. But I keep hearing my friends talk about it, like they know who was in it. Some friends in high school, they were in this competition a few years ago too.

And is this your first pageant.

Oh yeah, this is my first pageant.

What do you think so far? I know it’s kind of early on.

I didn’t expect it to be open to the public. So I was really nervous when I was on stage.

What do you plan to do, kind of looking ahead, career-wise?

I definitely want to concentrate in international management. Right now I have this clear definition of what I want to do. [But] I think everything is so exciting and there is a lot for me to explore. So why not give myself this chance to explore?

Why not? And you’re doing something like this.