Alexandre Herchcovitch – New York Fashion Week Fall 2006

The Media Alert distributed to all press contains notes on every show, such as which celebrities may show up. The ominous line that was written by Alexandre Herchovitch’s entry was, “Usually a drop in show.” Ouch.

Four shows ago, the Brazilian designer made his New York debut with a winding runway that contained hundreds of fresh flowers flown in from Paris. He has since followed that effort up with two live music efforts, one of which involved having each model being trailed by various singers and musicians performing genres.

Unfortunately, as a friend remarked, “He seems to be getting weaker every season,” and it appears that he has made a gradual transition from cool haute couture peasant to, well, peasant. Models walked around a line of flags, some of which bore the designer’s initials, in awfully familiar styles that resembled seasons past. The bright, wild patterns of his first season have long since faded into a muted tone.

To add insult to injury, only the front row of seats received the all-desired swag bags. One spectator, who was seated in the third row, said to his friend upon exiting, “If we don’t get a goodie bag at the next show, we’re outta here!”

Video: Runway highlights

video by Yuan-Kwan Chan / Meniscus Magazine