Josh Kline: “In Stock (Walmart Worker’s Head)” – Art Basel Hong Kong 2019

American Josh Kline’s “In Stock (Walmart Worker’s Head)” consisted of an assortment of shopping carts strewn about a portion of the Art Basel Hong Kong 2019 floor. At a distance, these abandoned carts appear to be filled with the types of household goods that one would find at the retail giant, which now boasts more than 10,000 stores across at least 20 countries.

Up close, the body parts and uniform of a “Proud Walmart Associate” – who, eerily, is given the name of “Jason” – strewn across the carts tell a different story. It’s one that speaks to the perils of mass consumerism, frenzied capitalism and labor issues that haunt the worker bees who, like Jason, are often hidden and discarded in the name of profit.