“Drop in the Ocean” – Tribeca Immersive 2019

“Drop in the Ocean” (World Premiere) – UK, France, USA
Project creators: Adam May, Chris Campkin, Chris Parks
Key collaborators: Philippe Cousteau, Ashlan Cousteau, Vision3, Conservation International
Plot: “Discover a miniature universe at the heart of our survival. Become part of a Social VR adventure through the ocean food chain, to reveal a crisis of our making.”
Duration: 7 minutes

“Drop in the Ocean” is an exciting virtual reality journey that educates its participants on how pollution affects oceanic life. Before submerging the viewers into the water, this social experience “shrinks” them to the size of a thumb, then puts them on the back of a giant jellyfish.


Bouncing on a cushiony surface (special carpeting is installed to imitate the sensation of walking on jelly) the viewers float higher and higher towards the surface. They meet the inhabitants of the ocean and encounter the dangers that fish and animals face, affected by the plastic garbage that enters their food chain. The giant glowing installment of a jellyfish that hosted the experience became the centerpiece of the Virtual Arcade at the Tribeca Film Festival.


Photos: “Drop in the Ocean,” Tribeca Immersive 2019, Tribeca Film Festival
all photos by Asya Gorovits / Meniscus Magazine