DROMe Fall 2019 – Paris Fashion Week

The DROMe woman heads into the Fall/Winter 2019 season not really knowing what layer of the atmosphere she wants to occupy. Caught between the past and future, she seems to equally prefer pursuing disco era intergalactic adventures as well as hold onto the hope that flying cars – à la The Jetsons – is the next logical step after electric vehicles finally become mainstream.

Confusion reigns, to put it mildly. Slick leather careens into retro starred motifs in maroon, while shiny foil bags and dresses clash and equally blind the senses. The collection is offset by more sophisticated mustard and cream numbers, which are unfortunately overwhelmed by copious amounts of maroon and magenta. And what planet is that green glowing substance from?

Video: DROMe Fall 2019 – Paris Fashion Week
video by Yuan-Kwan Chan / Meniscus Magazine

Photos: DROMe Fall 2019 – Paris Fashion Week
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