Photographer Tim Tadder: Nothing to See – Artexpo New York 2018

Tim Tadder’s Nothing to See series represents the current attitude of the country, as suggested by Yubal Marquez Fleites, the founder of Miami-based Arte Collective gallery whose booth displayed the photographer’s work. Painted in chalk white, America’s Next Top Model 2018 finalist Jeana Turner poses in a neutral stance, at times clutching someone else’s pair of red hands/arms – steeped in red – as they cover her eyes, neck or mouth.  The imagery represents how some American voices are being suppressed by changes in various laws. A more hopeful photo features the model holding the pair of hands perhaps in a more optimistic connection between the American people (Turner) and politics (the red arms/hands).

Also an advertising photographer, Tadder has worked with various commercial brands, including Coke Zero, Gatorade, Powerade, Sears, and Adidas, according to his Facebook page. Epson featured Tadder and his work in a 2015 commercial and international advertising campaign.

Photos: Tim Tadder: Nothing to See – Artexpo New York 2018
all photos by Megan Lee / Meniscus Magazine