Astrid Andersen Fall 2018 – London Fashion Week Men’s

Astrid Andersen’s models were dressed in what initially appeared to be ‘90s-era plaid mixed with metallic blue and gold nylon; colorblocked anoraks; and fuzzy bathrobes and pullovers, accented with bright yellow sneakers and jaunty cowboy hats. However, the designer’s time reference actually occurred a decade earlier during what was called the Buffalo movement. ‘Buffalo’ was defined by a variety of cultures, age groups, and street fashion, and defied society’s standard definitions of beauty and style.

Women’s outfits were indistinguishable from the men’s, including the gold puffer jacket and lame plaid oversized top and pants or the oversized black t-shirt paired with green ombre pants. Indeed, these women’s outfits served as a preview of her full womenswear collection and as an introduction to clothes that can easily be worn by both genders.

Andersen cares about where her fabrics are sourced; for this season she worked with Sophie Hallette (established source of French laces and tulle since 1887) and Saga Furs (sustainable fur auction house).

Show credits:

Styling and Casting: Elgar Johnson at CLM
Hair: Mari Ohashi at LGA Management using Davines
Makeup: Rikke Dengsø Jensen using Tromborg
Shoes: Nike Air Max 27

Photos: Astrid Andersen Fall 2018 – London Fashion Week Men’s
all photos by Helle Moos