Cri de Coeur Spring 2016: Steak out


Hey Cri de Coeur,

Good looking out on this playful, on-trend and highly wearable Spring/Summer 2016 collection. With these irresistible pink espadrilles, black huaraches, grey felt open-toe booties, psychedelic stilettos and printed, pom-pommed ballet flats on the market, we can finally do what nature intended: chew cud and emit methane in peace.

Rare is the collection that can be downloaded wholesale into the wardrobe of the right customer, but we think you’ve hit your stride. Heck, if those quilted booties could fit over our cloven hooves, we might give them a shot or four. Next collection?
Thanks, dolls.

Cows of Earth

Photos: Cri de Coeur Spring 2016 – New York Fashion Week
all photos by Andie Davis / Meniscus Magazine