Dennis Basso Spring 2016: Cheerful trip south of the border

Dennis Basso was inspired by women “south of the border” for Spring 2016. Cheerful embroidery, as well as bright yellows, blues and reds in a floral print, opened the runway in the form of short to mid-length evening dresses and coats. The distinctive yellow and red tropical floral print was repeated in two short dresses; one short and top outfit; one long evening skirt; and an embroidered pink gown. Some all-black pieces were equally beautiful, including the hand cut out and embroidered broadtail coat (and its twin in ivory linen sent out towards the end of the show).  

Basso’s background as a furrier showed throughout.  One of his first pieces – a purple, pink, and white mink puffed bolero – looked out of place when paired with the sophisticated floral lace crop top and handkerchief skirt (although to be fair, it would look out of place when paired with anything).  He made up for it with a few luxe blue crocodile pieces.  The croc and broadtail hand cut and embroidered coat was a showstopper, and in addition to the blue crocodile, a sable and fox fur coat was cheekily paired with a gauze wrap top and floral lace shorts.   

All of Basso’s designs are conceived and created in Long Island City in a 30,000 square foot warehouse (per his website), hence his slogan, “Handmade in New York City,” a claim not many designers shown during New York Fashion Week can hold. No matter where they are made, Basso’s strong collection proves that long-lasting good designs can be appreciated by women everywhere.

Photos: Dennis Basso Spring 2016 – New York Fashion Week
all photos courtesy of NYFW: The Shows