LIE SANGBONG Spring 2016: Art overshadows fashion

The runway for the LIE SANGBONG Spring 2016 show, titled “Bojagi” (Korean for a square-shaped, traditional wrapping cloth), was lined with whimsical dandelion sculptures designed by artist Dong-Shik Roe. The playfulness of the glowing dandelion heads added to the anticipation of a theatrical runway show. Instead, they overshadowed what could have been a great collection.

The use of mosaic cut outs, graphics and materials of Lie’s collection were more interesting than the actual cuts of the pieces and the color scheme of mostly white and blue. The clothes did not conform to or enhance a woman’s figure in any way whatsoever. A unusually cut trench jacket with elbow length sleeves and a mosaic cut bottom evoked the feeling of working in a science lab. The same was the case with a few white shirt dresses and an asexual, boxy, standard lab coat. A dark, asymmetrical, ruffled skirt could have been styled in a more sophisticated manner, and was instead paired with a shiny, light blue shapeless top with a drawstring hem.

Still, the collection had its moments.  A translucent, beautifully cut, long white vest was paired with what looks like comfortable trousers, and appears to be a more versatile piece. The best pieces included the white, cut out mesh mosaic top in white, and the striking black and white halter dress that closed the show.


Photos: LIE SANGBONG Spring 2016 – New York Fashion Week
all photos courtesy of C&M Media


Video: LIE SANGBONG Spring 2016 – New York Fashion Week
video by Megan Lee / Meniscus Magazine