the studio K Fall 2015 – Seoul Fashion Week

Hong Hye-jin, designer of the studio K, wanted to incorporate the concept of what she referred to as the “Surface of Taste” in her Fall/Winter 2015 collection, touching on a variety of different “flavors” that were intended to translate into the clothing itself. These included the ideas of bittersweet and icy hot, which were cleverly incorporated into the tote bags distributed to local buyers as gifts, along with various desserts and even cups of coffee.

If only the collection itself was so clever. It swung wildly from saccharine sweetness to uninspired girly silhouettes to graphics that did not seem to match any of the intended concepts. As a result, it could not quite decide what it wanted to be – both for menswear and womenswear. Some of the clothing included icons such as cupcakes and bon bons, whereas at other times, it appeared to be toying with the idea – but not quite knocking on the door – of the boardroom. The use of pastels in heavy materials such as wool was an interesting approach, but overall, cohesion was not a strong suit for this collection.

Photos: the studio K Fall 2015 – Seoul Fashion Week
all photos courtesy of Seoul Fashion Week

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Video: the studio K Fall 2015 – Seoul Fashion Week
video by Yuan-Kwan Chan / Meniscus Magazine