Oudifu Spring 2015: Better served by minimalism

Loose, comfortable silhouettes dominated the Oudifu Spring 2015 collection, designed by creative director Zhuliang Li. Based in Shanghai, this was Li’s first time showing at New York Fashion Week, despite the fact that he already has a large retail presence of 250 stores in China’s major cities. His clothes have a safe, wearable international appeal – the collection’s relaxed aesthetic is not limited to any particular geographic location.

However, one cannot say the same for a cartoonish multi-colored elephant print used on some of the pieces. While elephants were the theme of Li’s collection, this print does not do either them or the adult wearing it any justice. (Though it must be noted that it does cleverly incorporate the dramatized eye of a classic Peking Opera performer in a nod to Li’s Chinese heritage. The puzzle of the seemingly random eye is solved when the opera performer’s full face, juxtaposed on top of an elephant head so that the trunk and tusks extend from her jaw, appears printed on a white sleeveless top worn with black harem pants by Miss Teen USA K. Lee Graham as the runway show’s closing outfit.)

Li’s strongest pieces were those where he let the flow of the fabric speak for itself, such as a billowing brown silk/linen blend maxi dress, unspoiled by any print or design gimmick except for two slouchy oversized pockets that only served to underscore its laidback feel. Another notable piece was a navy blue silk jumpsuit with an open back.


Photos: Oudifu Spring 2015 – New York Fashion Week
all photos by Shelly Xu / Meniscus Magazine

Video: Oudifu Spring 2015 – New York Fashion Week
video by Angela K. Hom / Meniscus Magazine