NYFW Spring 2015: An interview with Zang Toi


Celebrating his 25th anniversary in New York, Malaysian fashion designer Zang Toi chose America as the theme for his Spring 2015 collection.

Andie Davis: Zang Toi, thank you so much for meeting with us today. What was on your mind as you sat down to create this collection to celebrate the 25th anniversary?

Zang Toi: Well the only thing on my mind is that I want to play homage to America to say “Thank you, America,” for allowing me to live that American dream.

And what did that mean for you in terms of the clothing?

Well I want to bring, I want to recreate the American beauties, I want to bring this free American, more sporty American look, in terms of the style and the hair and the makeup. It has that American spirit.

Now you’ve conquered America, you’ve lived the American dream, what’s next for you, are there other markets that you have in mind?

No, you know what, I’ve never, I’m not one of those persons that will sit down and have this big plan. I just keep want to keep doing what I’m doing, to hopefully to create beautiful things that make women feel and look beautiful.

What would you say to a young child in Malaysia, your home country, watching you today, who dreams of achieving your success? What would you say to a young person with aspirations to design?

Well always, always stay true to yourself, and work hard. The key ingredient to success is hard work. No, I’m not gonna sugar coat it, you know. I worked very, very hard for the last 33 years but I’m having fun with it.

I love what I do, so always make sure you go with something that you really love, and have fun doing it and
work very, very hard at it.

Video: Interview with Zang Toi – New York Fashion Week Spring 2015
interview by Andie Davis / Meniscus Magazine

Photos: Zang Toi Spring 2015 – New York Fashion Week
all photos by Shelly Xu / Meniscus Magazine