Wildfox Fall 2014: High-priced cheapery

How wild a fox is Wildfox? While other houses were gamely trying to forecast the future of ready-to-wear, this label turned its butt on daylight and burrowed deep, deep into its foxhole, only to emerge clutching a prize between its teeth: the Contempo Casuals remainder bin.

It was all there for Nicky Hilton and her fellow front-rowers to behold: the boxy, printed denim jackets with matching hook-and-eye bustiers; the flimsy sweatshirts and lazy slogan tees name-dropping European countries like so many Rick Steves reruns; the synthetic shorts with their sad, forlorn flounces begging to be returned to their graves. Even the mash-up of accessories – ’90s beanies, ’70s shawls, kimonos from the aughts – felt more reanimated than retro, and the touchstones of contemporary trends (animal prints, long shorts) reeked of paws-in-air despair.

Cheap, cynical and uninspired: next time, do the world a favor and just steal a chicken instead.

Photos: Wildfox Fall 2014 – New York Fashion Week
all photos by Kwai Chan / Meniscus Magazine

Video: Wildfox Fall 2014 – New York Fashion Week
video by Kwai Chan / Meniscus Magazine