Lacoste Fall 2014: Structured comfort and volume


A comfortable, tailored slouch casually wound through the Lacoste Fall 2014 men’s and women’s collection. Models walked with ease, looking relaxed in their wool zip-ups, baggy knits and sneakers. Designer Felipe Oliveira Baptista refined these familiar streetwear pieces through the use of luxuriously thick wools and jerseys, as well as the somewhat contradictory incorporation of straight architectural lines.

On several female models, voluminous sleeves counteracted the elongated torsos of their baggy sweaters, creating a paradoxically slim stem-like appearance when worn with matching short flared skirts in burgundy, checks and stripes. For men, this contrast in construction surfaced in heavy oversized boxy peacoats in deep green and navy that maintained an impeccable shape despite the volume of fabric.

For this collection, Baptista took inspiration from his trip to Chantaco, a golf course built in the 1920’s by René Lacoste’s father-in-law. However, while there were slim pants with ironed front creases and at least one sweater that could not escape an oversized argyle print, there were also, surprisingly, logoed sweatshirts and beanies in blatant homage to that flinchingly-recent era when everyone seemed to be wearing JNCOs. These pieces of ‘90s redux shook up the collection and gave direction to some of the more monochromatic looks.

Photos: Lacoste Fall 2014 – New York Fashion Week
all photos by Ekaterina Golovinskaya / Meniscus Magazine

Photos: Lacoste Fall 2014 – Lacoste Lounge
all photos by Angela K. Hom / Meniscus Magazine