ODD. Fall 2014: A fashionable sci-fi collection

Designer Judson Harmon’s Fall 2014 collection for ODD. creatively played with oppositions of texture, gender and even the moon.  Harmon and audio/visual artists Adriano Clemente and Jason Akira Somma created an experience akin to an extremely fashionable post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie, combining it with an interactive soundscape.  The team equipped select models with motion-sensor rings that manipulated the show’s soundtrack and backdrop video as they walked down the runway.  With each slow swoop of their hands, sonic ribbons seemingly cut through the air while the backdrop video twisted in response.

These futuristic sensory effects perfectly complemented the outfits themselves.  Both men’s and womenswear were shown, although there were looks that bordered on androgynous.  Model Elliott Sailors donned a tailored blue flannel zip-up jacket and trousers to open the show, and then closed it wearing a flowing black dress accented with lace.  A surprising number of knit crop tops distinguished the collection’s womenswear.  One such dark grey chunky-knit top was paired with a black suede skirt and inky blue long-sleeved shirt tied around the model’s waist, topped off with a blue ribbed beanie on her head.  It was equally a play with textures and the audience’s memory, as thoughts of ‘90s grunge flickered to mind despite the mechanical bleat of the soundtrack.

The menswear was a combination of tailoring and flow.  One relaxed outfit consisted of a very simple blue knit turtleneck and loose drawstring flannel grey shorts, while a blue aluminum knee-length leather jacket and matching pants looked quite menacing due to its structured cut and stiffness.