Lela Rose Fall 2013: Who’s the fairest of them all?

Once upon a time, on a small magical island named Manhattan, a stressed-out 30-something woman stood in front of her full-length Ikea closet mirror and pleaded, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, what in the world should I wear today? I have a meeting, a cocktail party and a ball!” The mirror sagely replied, “Calm down, lady. Let’s look at Lela Rose’s Fall 2013 collection, where she was inspired by fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm. I think we’ll have plenty of options there to cover your whole day.”

With that, an image of a metallic silver illustrated floral jacquard sheath dress floated into view on the mirror. The woman gasped at the detailed print and said, “Yes, that would be perfect! What shoes should I wear though?” “Obviously, this black suede Jean-Michel Cazabat for Lela Rose pair, with black polka-dotted ankle socks,” replied the mirror.

“OK, that looks good. Well, what should I wear for my BFF’s cocktail party? My ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend are going to be there!” screeched the woman frantically. The mirror immediately summoned two images. The first was of a deep golden silk twill sheath dress with black lace detailing on the shoulders and lace panels accentuating the waist.

The second showed a vivid fuchsia silk drop-shoulder coat worn over a white blouse embroidered with pearls, untucked over a feather skirt featuring a color gradation from light pink at the waist to bright fuchsia at the hem. “Personally, I think you should go for the pink outfit,” whispered the mirror.

“Done! Now what about the charity ball? One of my ex-husbands is on the board, and he’ll definitely be there!” moaned the woman. Before the damsel could faint from distress, the mirror said, “Even though there’s this gorgeous fuchsia and white organza dress that has a trompe l’oeil origami fold print, I think you should go all Jenna Lyons and wear the taupe pearl-covered knit long-sleeve shirt with the long lace and pearl print silk skirt.”

The woman laughed with happiness at her mirror’s good taste and ran to change into her first outfit of the day. The mirror breathed a sigh of relief and thanked the fashion gods for Lela Rose’s rich, romantic Fall 2013 collection.

Hair: Ted Gibson for Ted Gibson Salon
Make-up: Romy Soleimani with Stila Cosmetics
Nails: Deborah Lippman
Shoes: Jean-Michel Cazabat for Lela Rose

Photo Gallery: Lela Rose Fall 2013 – New York Fashion Week
all photos by Bibs Teh / Meniscus Magazine