Katherine Kwei Spring 2013: In accessories, adding variety to knots

New York-based accessories designer Katherine Kwei, known for her signature Chinese knotted style throughout her purses, handbags and clutches, decided to go for a less minimalist departure for Spring 2013.  The result is a visually and functionally versatile collection that still includes elements of Kwei’s signature touches, such as snakeskin and leather.

“We did a lot more non-knotted items,” Kwei told Meniscus Magazine at the GBK Productions Gifting Suite during New York Fashion Week.  “We did a lot more custom-made prints on our water snakeskin… a lot of custom hardware as well.”  Examples include crocodile and lizard prints, and carved cylindrical accents at the ends of tied bows.

Another new style is a tote that has zippers along the sides, enabling the wearer to expand her purse.  “That was a fun little bag for us to try this season,” Kwei said.  And for those still craving knots, the Dawson and the Campbell bags incorporate these.

Not surprisingly, Kwei’s designs have made their way over to China thanks to a fervent supporter.  “She is just opening up more and more stores in China,” Kwei said.  “As she’s opening up, she’s getting more of my bags in there: Shanghai, Beijing and I think she opened up in Chengdu.  She has about eight to 10 outlets now.”

For more of our interview with Katherine Kwei, where she explains some of the details in her designs, watch our YouTube clip below.

Video: Interview with accessories designer Katherine Kwei, New York Fashion Week

Interview by Yuan-Kwan Chan  / Meniscus Magazine and Mai D. Chan / Meniscus Magazine
video by Yuan-Kwan Chan / Meniscus Magazine