Public School Fall 2012 – New York Fashion Week Review

Jeremy Lin needs a fashion overhaul, at least according to Metta World Peace (nee Ron Artest).  For a New York Knicks player with such a rare backstory, streetwear brand Public School is an eerily good fit.  The label is New York City-based – its latest collection was inspired by Brooklyn new wave revivalist Twin Shadow – and (half) led by a fellow Asian-American: Dao-Yi Chow, who met his design partner Maxwell Osborne while working at P. Diddy’s Sean John label.

But what about the style?  The latest collection sat midway between the casual and the formal, albeit with an eye towards the streets.  Rockstar flourishes like a leather-sleeved trucker jacket and raglan-sleeved bombers were painted in subdued blacks and grays, much like how Lin’s humble personality contrasts with his on-court spirit.  On the practical end, cuffed jeans and cropped wool pants would work just well with high tops as they did with the Dr. Martens boots employed in the presentation.  As for Metta World Peace-approved swag?  His suggestion of leather pants is a bit much, but the latest collections’ use of collar pins might do the trick nicely.  Who knows what swag Lin eventually settles on, but the Harvard alumnus could do well to take a trip to Public School.

Photos: Public School Autumn/Winter 2012

Video: Public School Autumn/Winter 2012