Rafael Cennamo Spring 2013: Natural sophistication

In an elegant nod to Japan, Rafael Cennamo’s Spring 2013 collection displayed intricate origami folds, cherry blossom embroidery and kimono-cut gowns made from satin, chiffon and jacquard.  The practicality of some pieces is up to the wearer’s discretion (most notably the curve-hugging sheer dress with beaded and embroidered blue waves strategically placed to cover only the essentials), but the overall presentation was a solid show of sophisticated options that one could wear to a gala or cocktail party.

Romantic pink cherry blossoms covered the bodice of one strapless gown and appear to drift down the long gray dress, while the aforementioned embroidered wave motif that showed up on some pieces are reminiscent of Hokusai’s classic woodblock print, “The Great Wave off Kanagawa.” The color palette – mint green, coral, peach, blue and gunmetal gray – added to the collection’s ethereal feeling, bringing to mind the colors found in Paolo Roversi’s dreamlike photography.

But lest the collection come across as too saccharinely feminine, waists were emphasized with thick metallic belts on some dresses.  Cennamo’s superb workmanship was evident in key pieces such as a ball gown with beaded top and poof of pleated floor-length peach chiffon, and a long gray gown with sequined cherry blossoms winding up its train and across its oversized bow sleeves.

Video: Rafael Cennamo Spring 2013

video by Yuan-Kwan Chan / Meniscus Magazine