Carlos Miele Spring 2012 – New York Fashion Week Review

The Brazilian designer seems to have permanently moved away from his use of a famous musician from his home country accompanying his runway shows, but perhaps this is a good thing as it brings more attention to the beauty of his patterned women’s clothes.  Once again, with a little added sparkle from Ivanka Trump’s jewelry, Carlos Miele presented an elegant collection following a quartet of kaftans paired with strapless white swimsuits.

His inspiration for Spring 2012 – despite colors influenced by the beach and sea – was actually “the idea of immersive artificial environments,” he said in a statement.

 “For this season’s collection, I created an artificial paradise, filled with liquid and fluid lines, sleek sculptural forms and vibrant digital prints,” Miele explained in a statement.  A number of pieces suggested otherwise, with intricate sea cliff prints, ruched details resembling ocean waves, and vibrant shades of coral and even goldfish orange scattered throughout a tightly edited yet varied collection of evening gowns and short dresses.

Photos: Carlos Miele – Spring 2012
all photos by Kwai Chan / Meniscus Magazine