Craig Lawrence Fall 2011 – London Fashion Week

Craig Lawrence took the unusual step of having an emcee announce each of his look descriptions in full, despite the fact that the seats at the presentation already came with a detailed run of show on each seat.  Perhaps the knitwear designer, who previously worked with Gareth Pugh while still a student at Central St. Martin’s, wanted to bring even more attention to how carefully and thoughtfully his pieces were constructed.

Even without the verbal and written cues, Lawrence’s work clearly is not easy to deconstruct.  Seemingly thinking of every possible way to twist weave and knot threads, his knitwear showcased obvious intricacies, such as several types of yarn mixed and stitched together to form full-length dresses, or crushed velvet hand-knitted into jackets and dresses.  Even cellophane became the primary material for tube dress and a bolero jacket.  To complete each ensemble, Lawrence took his signature style a step further by collaborating with British luxury shoemakers Crisian & McCaffrey, incorporating knitting into footwear.

Photos: Craig Lawrence Fall 2011 – London Fashion Week