Tony Cohen – New York Fashion Week Fall 2010 Review

Even if Dutch designer Tony Cohen had not strewn the runway with hundreds of black flower petals, it would not have been a surprise to see what was on tap for his Fall 2010 women’s collection at Bryant Park.  Cohen’s usual trademarks – dark colors and draping – could not have been more emphasized in his first 13 looks, which were all in black.

Thankfully, another of Cohen’s trademarks is that he designs clothes that women will very much want to wear.  Cheongsam cuts, Asian undertones and, when added, accessories and adornments were used to great effect.  It’s a shame that Cohen does not explore that last category further because when he does, the results can be stunning in contrast to his love for solid colors.  A multi-pleated Japanese polyester dress featured jewels along the right arm and left shoulder, and similar embellishments emphasized intricate details on belts and tunics.


Video: Runway show highlights