A look back at the 2008 Westminster Dog Show: Uno and the rest

Last year we published a roundup of the Class of 2008, headed by the most famous beagle in the world, and their whereabouts for 2009.  Now two years removed from that competition, Uno’s presence was still felt at Madison Square Garden.  Consider:

  • A spectator pointed to the wall of champions and told us her favorite was the Uno the beagle;
  • A full-sized photo of Uno famously stepping into the trophy cup hung in the media center;
  • When questioned about Uno this year, his caretaker Dan Huebner told us that, unfortunately, Uno wasn’t feeling well and had to fly home the first day of the 2010 competition due to “swollen glands.”

All of which reminded me that we have a stash of photos from the 2008 competition that, until now, have never been posted.  So, before we salute the newest champion – Sadie the Scottish Terrier – here’s a look back at Uno, Charmin, Vikki, Marge, Deuce, Macey, Remy and the rest of the best: