“Asshole” – 2009 Gen Art Film Festival Review

What kind of person would make a short film about bowel movements? NYU Tisch School of the Arts student and screenwriter Bryan Gaynor did just that, having suffered issues with his digestive tract in the past.

Screened at the 2009 Gen Art Film Festival and directed by film school buddy Chadd Harbold, “Asshole” centers on Vincent Allen (Gavin McInnes) who acts like a jerk to his physician, Dr. Wong (Ray Chao). However, it doesn’t take long for Dr. Wong to see that Vincent’s health issues are in his posterior.

Both actors are comedians, and their improvisations formed the core of the film—it was completed after only two takes. The vulgarity and crudeness ramp up over the course of the 10-minute short and quickly becomes tiresome. However, mature viewers might enjoy watching a jerk work his magic.