Superheroes melt the Chocolate Show New York runway

Halloween came a little bit late for those attending the opening night fashion show gala at the 11th Annual Chocolate Show New York last November, but it was worth the wait for a high-octane event featuring a “superheroes” theme.

As waiters served Champagne to the press, 18 food/fashion hybrid creations concocted by designers, artists, chocolatiers and pastry chefs were showcased on the runway. The decision to go with a theme resulted in a much more cohesive show than the previous year’s gala. The highlights were plentiful, even with accessories falling to the floor and chocolate melting onto and smearing the catwalk. (One woman felt the need to rush onstage and lick the chocolate sweat off of barbell-bearing, bodybuilding model David Barton – yes, he of the David Barton Gym empire – eliciting a mixed response of laughter and horror.) Derek Poirer, the North American pastry chef for Valhrona Chocolate, created a detailed Lara Croft outfit complete with chocolate bustier, chocolate shorts and even chocolate guns. Costume designer Michael Plosky paired up with Martin Howard of Brasserie 8 ½ on a tongue-in-cheek Batgirl outfit with a skit of the heroine zapping her foes brandishing “ZOWIE!” and “WHAP!” signs.

Other designer/chef duos opted for more colorful choices, such as a bright winged skirt and collar for Viracocha the Couveture Warrior by Steve Evetts (executive pastry chef at the Marriott Marquis) and Broadway costume designer Brian Bustos. Another standout was a short-sleeved, layered Superman Dress resembling a Tiffany lamp mosaic, courtesy of John Down of Christopher Norman Chocolates and designer Katalin Varga.

After the gala, the outfits were displayed at Pier 94 for the duration of the Chocolate Show for visitors to view and admire.

Photo Gallery: Chocolate Show New York 2008 Fashion Show
all photos by Bibs Teh / Meniscus Magazine