Perry Ellis – New York Fashion Week Fall 2008 Review

Unlike women’s collections, where flowing fabric and attention to aesthetic details are the name of the game, men’s collections prompt me to ask the relatively shallow question: “Would these clothes look good on my boyfriend or significant other?” In the case of the Perry Ellis Fall 2008 collection helmed by creative director John Crocco, the answer is a, “Mmm…maybe not.”

The collection of 40 looks, which featured a lot of wool, tried to boast creativity but instead may have tried too hard. The clothes fit the men better when they were played down and more conservative, but in other cases the colors and fabrics distracted and de-emphasized the wearer’s masculinity instead of playing it up. Several culprits included burgundy pants, purple velvet cardigans and puffer vests, and the use of green rain boots as accessories. Appropriate for fall, yes, but perhaps not appropriate at all.

Photo Gallery: Perry Ellis Fall 2008

Video: Runway Highlights

video by Yuan-Kwan Chan / Meniscus Magazine