Talent finalists chosen at the 2007 Miss New York Chinese Pageant

The 13 finalists for the 2007 Miss New York Chinese Beauty Pageant displayed their impressive talents at the Finalist Contestants Talent Show, held at the East Manor Restaurant in Flushing, Queens, on July 20.

At the end of the night, the top five talent finalists were chosen by a panel of judges that included Miss New York Chinese 2006 winner Sirena Wang and 2nd runner-up Ashley Zhu. The top five finalists were: Anni Liang (belly dance), Cisy Liang (Chinese dance), Stacy Wang (ballet), Louise Lau (violin), and Yola Yu (zither).

The other contestants were: Crystal Kong (hip-hop ribbon dance), Yancy Yu (Chinese dance), MinMing Jiang (keyboard), Yin Zhang (Chinese folk singing), Elaine Lu (modern dance), Judy Yu (jazz dance), Lanna Xu (poetry recitation) and Allison Chen (tai-chi dance).

The Miss New York Chinese Beauty Pageant will be held on August 5 at the Mohegan Sun, with the winner expected to compete at the 2008 Miss Chinese International Pageant.

Photo gallery:

all photos by Christopher Bourne